Should You Lose Weight Before Getting Body Sculpting Treatments?

By: Dr. Matthew Adam Graham


If you are dreaming about having an hourglass figure but you have a few trouble spots, you might want to undergo body sculpting treatments. Almost everyone has areas of the body that they can’t tighten, no matter how much they work out, but body sculpting can solve that problem. Ideally, before undergoing body sculpting treatment, you should be at your target weight. If you are not at this weight, you might need to lose weight to ensure optimal results from the treatments.

If you would like to learn more about body sculpting, schedule a consultation with Dr. Matthew Adam Graham at Wellspring Medical Spa & Aesthetics in Thomasville, GA. He will discuss your goals with you and determine if body sculpting is the right choice to help meet your needs. You can also discuss any weight concerns that you might have with the doctor.

All about body sculpting

It's often difficult to attain the figure you desire, even if you work out every day. However, Dr. Graham can perform nonsurgical body sculpting at Wellspring Medical Spa & Aesthetics in Thomasville, GA using Accent Prime technology. Dr. Graham can help get rid of unwanted fat cells and even use the fat cells from troubled areas of your body to give you a Brazilian butt lift or conduct breast augmentation. You can gain the body shape you have been dreaming about without spending hours at the gym.

You can say goodbye to stubborn fat pockets that do not respond to exercise or dieting.

Benefits of nonsurgical body sculpting include:

  • Safe and effective technique with outstanding results
  • Minimally-invasive procedure
  • Does not require general anesthesia
  • Little to no discomfort during treatment.
  • Takes less than an hour to complete in most circumstances

Body sculpting with Accent Prime

Body sculpting session times vary depending on the individual and treatment area, but it is usually around 30 minutes or more. The body sculpting procedure takes place at Wellspring Medical Spa & Aesthetics in Thomasville, GA. You will lie down on a treatment table. Our team will ensure you are comfortable. The first part of the treatment involves using a laser on the fat areas to loosen and collect the fat. Once the fat is treated, reinjection takes place in certain areas of the body, such as the breasts or buttocks, to add fullness.

Following the body sculpting treatment, your skin might appear red, and there is typically some swelling and irritation in the treatment locations. Within a few days, the swelling and redness will lessen. Some patients will see results almost immediately, but others take time to notice the differences.

Body sculpting has long-term results if you maintain your weight. Pregnancy and weight gain can quickly alter the results of body sculpting. You will continue to age naturally, which can cause sagging and impact your appearance. Some patients may want to seek maintenance treatments to maintain their results. Dr. Graham will discuss options to keep your look.

Schedule a body sculpting consultation in Thomasville, GA

If you would like to learn more about body sculpting, then we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Matthew Adam Graham at Wellspring Medical Spa & Aesthetics in Thomasville, GA. He will meet with you to determine if body sculpting or another procedure is the right treatment choice to help give you the curves you seek. Contact us today to learn more.

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